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Frigate In A Storm

Description : Adversity has never stopped man or the British navy in its day. This painting was inspired by the many artists that have painted scenes of “Men of War” going off to protect Britain's power to all parts of the globe. The frigate was the work horse of the navy and its work was at the sharp end of battle, fast, exciting, rewarding but very dangerous. My painting portrays a two deck frigate encountering a brief storm on the morning of battle. The frigate healing over from the power of the wind which was driving the ship closer to battle. The brooding skies appear to herald the carnage about to happen but to whom? What thoughts and feelings did those sailors and officers experience only hours away from the inevitable clash with the enemy? Perhaps the rough seas provided some distraction or would it be their final resting place?

NRN # : 000-35976-0148-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 63.00 cm X Width - 73.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Other

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Lancelot George Bokay


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While I have been creating art work for most of my life, it was in the late 80's early 90's after prompting by friends and business associates that I decided to share my works with, I fondly think, to discerning clients under the name of "Laszlo's Studio". My medium of preference at that time was Pen and Ink and Pencil works covering such eclectic subjects as St Peter's Cathedral, the victor richardson Gates and the Mansions in Adelaide as well as the "Falie" and "One and All". I also produced numerous animal studies in oil pastels. The architectural studies reflected my academic involvement in Technical Drawing and Drafting. All of those works were sold and it is with great regret that I did not keep copies of them. I have highlighted that on my website ( seeking contact with those clients. The works during that period were signed "Lance Bokay" or "LG Bokay". I now sign my works "Laszlo LGB". "Laszlo" being the Hungarian version of my Christian name. 

After a period of several years absence and time overseas has seen me return to my passion of creating art but this time working with Acrylics and armed with numerous works in progress. My web site is active and my works feature eclecticism and realism and cover such subjects as landscapes (i.e. Champagne at Santorini, Timber Jinker (Australia), Forgotten Dray (Australia), Ross Castle (Ireland), marine (morning Storm - Frigate, Falie) and historic scenes (Day Trippers 1917 (Victoria), Buggy - Burra 1913.

My aspiration is to bring into being art work that stirs the soul and generates true enjoyment it its creation. My philosophy embraces the need for art to say and mean something to both the artist and the appreciator of the work. 

I accept commissions and that too has been a positive and rewarding challenge.

In respect to commisssioned work my procedure is to discuss the subject in detail so as to obtain an agreed understanding to what is expected. I then undertake research and present working drawings to the commissioner. When the working drawings are accepted then the principal work is commenced.

I work from my own studio, and let me say, enjoy fellow artists and art lovers to come in for a 'natter' (and some decent coffee). You are welcome but please call first,  just in case I am out.

Artshow: Port Art Exhibtion 2014
Title: Tugboat Fearless
Award: 2nd Prize Port & Maritime Section
Sponsor: Port Adelaide Bookkeeping
Prize: $500.00










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